What's in a dog bed? Well, that depends on the type of dog bed you've chosen for your pooch. 

First and foremost is the hessian/metal frame dog bed. It's affordable, it's practical but it's ... uh ...not exactly aesthetically pleasing. 

Next we have the foam dog beds. Now remember, not all foam is equal. So a $600 dog bed is going to be much better quality than a $10 dog bed. The cheaper foam is likely to lower density meaning it won't have the durability that dog beds require. Depending on the breed of dog using the bed, you might be lucky to get 6 months out of it. 

The more expensive foam dog bed will feature a high density foam, which is more costly but much longer lasting. It's also going to be more comfortable. But at the end of the day, what you have is a lump of foam on the floor with a fabric cover. Doesn't exactly win any major design awards does it? 

So this got us thinking. A dog bed needs high quality foam, but how can we make it beautiful? We used our skills and experience in furniture design to create a dog bed that ticks all the boxes.

We included lightweight aluminium and timber trims and feet, all finished with a durable 2pac lacquer. It's what on the inside that counts, so we used high density foam and completed the look with high quality fabric covers that are machine washable. Because despite our best efforts to keep our four legged friends neat and tidy, the reality is they love to roll in the smelliest thing they can find! And for the owners of those pesky chewy dawgs, don't stress - the parts on a Pamo dog bed are replaceable. 

The end result is a dog bed that's comfortable, stylish, one-of-a-kind, high quality and gorgeous. So instead of being something you want to hide in the corner of the lounge room, our dog beds will be a centrepiece that you'll want to show off to your guests. 

Did we mention our dog beds are made in Australia? In Ballarat, Victoria to be exact. Pamo Industries is a small family-owned business and we are passionate about high quality products for your home. So when you purchase a Pamo dog bed you not only get to spoil your doggo, you also support a local business, and we think that's pretty awesome.

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