Benefits of a Dog Bed

Benefits of a Dog Bed

We got our dog, Clancy, in March 2018. We both had dogs as kids, but Clancy is the first dog we've owned as adults. He's a grey merle Koolie and like most puppies at eight weeks of age, he was adorable! Naturally we wanted to make him feel reassured and safe because he was just a baby. So we let him sleep in our bed. Right in between us.


We thought we were doing the best thing for Clancy by letting him sleep in our bed. But we have learnt the hard way that having the dog in bed with us is not the best thing - for Clancy or for us. It was fine when Clancy was a pup because he didn't take up a lot of space. But as he grew, his legs got longer, and now we battle with these long skinny legs on a nightly basis as we try to claim our position in the bed. Clancy also doesn't know how to sleep without a human. He doesn't know any different, and that isn't his fault - it's ours. So if he stays with at another house he expects to sleep on the bed. 


If we could go back in time and do things differently we would. We would establish clear boundaries about dogs on the bed - or more importantly, dogs NOT on the bed. It's important for many reasons for us to have our separate space from our dogs. We need to maintain in their minds that we are the pack leaders. And by letting Clancy on the bed with us we've let him think that he is equal to us. 


So let's list a few reason as to why having a separate dog bed for your dog is the best thing to do.

1. It establishes clear boundaries with your dog about what is your space and what is their space. 

2. You won't have to battle with four additional legs poking you in the face in the middle of the night, not to mention the unpleasant flatulence issues. 

3. A dog bed at ground level is easier for your dog when they develop arthritis in old age. 

4. A comfortable, supportive dog bed prevents calluses developing. 

5. A bed your dog can call its own gives your dog a sense of security. For example, you can train your dog to gravitate to their bed when you have visitors. 

6. Depending on where you live, the dog bed will help keep your doggo cosy warm. 

7. Your dog may be less likely to take over the sofa if they have their own bed to relax on. 

8. You'll get a good night's sleep. 


And remember, a dog bed doesn't have to be boring. Pamo Designer Dog Beds are beautiful, stylish and comfortable. They're designed to compliment the home interior. Take a look at the Pamo dog beds here

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